Mechanics Corner

Motorcycle Tips & Tricks


Most of us know the basic items to keep an eye on for regular maintenance, but for those who don’t I am going to briefly list them here once again:


Tires: Tread depth, air pressure, and unusual signs of wear and tear


Oil: Level, and regular changes


Lights and signals: Always verify that your lights and signals are functioning before you ride. This is easy to do and takes very little time.


Battery: Look for corrosion or even a lose cable.  Also pay attention to the brightness of your light before and after starting as this can often be an early indicator of a battery problem.


Brakes: Check the pad thickness and also your fluid level.


Chain: Keep your chain properly lubricated and check it for cleanliness.


Fuel: Check your fuel lines for cracks or other damage.  Also take a peek inside your tank from time to time to make sure your gas gauge is working properly.


Oil, air, and fuel filters: Check these often and have a regular schedule for changing them out.


In addition you should also have your bike inspected or serviced once a year by a professional.  They may spot things that you miss yourself as well as being aware of recalls and regular issues that come up.  This can be a significant cost savings if they do spot issues before they get out of hand.


You should also be sure you have all the proper gear for riding, and think ahead and be prepared for the unexpected.  Having a tow service for motorcycles in your phone can be helpful, or even a road side assistance program that includes or is specifically for motorcycles.