Spot Light

Sky Powersports North Orlando



So this month we are going to put our spot light on Sky Powersports North Orlando.  Recently we had one of our bikes in their shop for some basic service and thought we would share our experience with all of you.


We made an appointment a few days in advance so we showed up about 15 minutes early, but ended up waiting almost 45 minutes before they had us entered into the system and we were able to leave.  We left with an expected completion time so that we were able to go about our day with an agreement that they would call if they were not going to be finished then.  Well as you can expect the day got a bit out of hand and so we showed up about 45 minutes later than the estimated completion time and ended up waiting an additional 45 minutes for them to complete work.


While this may sound like a complaint it is not.  In fact overall we were pleased with the service, and we also received a free safety inspection in which they pointed out a couple of things that we already knew about.  The nice part is there were no surprises or extra items that we tend to find at other service centers.  They were completely honest with what they shared with us.


As for the delays, we found out that they were shorthanded that day by 2 people that day, and instead of them complaining about it and bringing it up they simply apologized for the extra delay.



      – Honest recommendations for what needed to be done
      – Corrected one issue free of charge since they were already working in that area
      – Provided us a list of suggested maintenance items (all in line with what we expected)
      – We reasonably close to the estimated appointment time for drop off
      – Price was fair (in fact they were lower than any other location we called for comparison pricing)



      – Late on estimated delivery time (again we found out after the fact they were short 2 people)
      – No call informing us that they were running later than estimated.


Overall we would recommend using their service department, and will be doing so ourselves for future maintenance.